Sex education broer i norge

sex education broer i norge

Alt innhold er opphavsrettslig beskyttet. Ansvarlig redaktør og adm. Portalen Kalender Fra Morgenbladets debatt- og foredragskalender. Hvordan takler vi migrasjon? Diskusjonen om årsakene til migrasjon og om hvordan man skal takle dem, internt og eksternt. Denne kalenderoppføringen er skrevet av arrangøren. Mest lest «Ingen andre kjenner meg bedre enn meg selv». Oslodrosjene fikk meg til å slutte å bekymre meg for sosial dumping og begynne å elske Uber, skriver Asle Toje.

De rappet humoren, men finkulturen er vår siste skanse mot vaffeljakker og pokalkoner, skriver Espen Thoresen. Sannhet er ikke alltid nok. The Holberg Lecture, The Holberg Symposium, Can democracies arrive at truth — and if so, through which mechanisms? Har kunstfeltet i Norge en klasseutfordring? Kronikker- og debattinnlegg sendes til: It caused an outcry when Trond-Viggo Torgersen made an open-minded series about the body 30 years ago.

The last time this was done was in , when Trond-Viggo Torgersen caused a stir with his series «The Body». The fascination with the subject and dedication to inform which was the undercurrent of «The Body», became our blueprint when we now, more than 30 years later, were going to make our own version. The hosts of Newton are replaced every second year, and come from a variety of backgrounds. When Doctor Line Jansrud was hired, the time had come for a series about puberty.

Hence we can approach the subject as easily understandable and unprejudiced as we want to, whilst using the communication techniques that Newton has developed over so many years: Go close up, use visual storytelling, be specific, exploratory and immodest. Even though NRK have no obligations in relation to the school curriculum, the education system is a support in our assessment of what is relevant knowledge for this target group.

According to the curriculum, pupils in Year 7 should be able to «describe the development of the human body from conception to adulthood».

And, «to explain what happens during puberty, and to talk about the differences in gender identity and variations in sexual orientation». This is one of the reasons why we convey how human beings make babies. We show the clitoris and the glans and explain that the body has different ways of preparing for conception. To as large an extent as possible we wanted to give corresponding information about female and male sex organs.

For example, both genders experience swelling in their own way when their sex organs are stimulated. Put simply, «their sponge tissue is filled with blood», and both boys and girls will experience this as part of puberty. Live, naked models have been a trademark of the series.

We wanted to show ordinary, average bodies. However, when we were describing the actual conception, we naturally used medical plastic models to maintain the clinical and pragmatic approach all the way. Newton is popular amongst young and old. Several 6-year-olds regard Newton as their favourite programme. That aside, we acknowledge that some don't want to see this subject matter, so each episode open with a regular warning, albeit delivered in a humorous way.

We also make sure that several hundred thousand children access the same information about this important subject, leaving it up to the individual teacher to concider how graphically it should be shown and explained. Skal elektriske fly kunne ta av i Norge, må regjeringen lære av elbilpolitikken. Det er for mye rapportering og dokumentasjonskrav i skolen. Her må det ryddes opp.

Det er ikke noe ønskelig situasjon at straffesaker blir liggende for lenge. Samtidig er det viktig at hurtighet ikke går på bekostning av kvalitet.


Sex education broer i norge

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